Rooster: Ereading app to help you read more

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Recommended by Book Riot, I decided to try out a new reading app called Rooster that delivers bite-sized pieces of literature straight to my smartphone. After downloading it on trial for a week, I have so far found that it is a good concept catered to fit into the busy schedules of modern people but there are still many teething problems to iron out.

What Rooster essentially does is every month the team would pair two books, one classic and one contemporary, for its readers, a concept that is gaining popularity given a wide range of subscription packages promising unique selections are popping up everywhere from beauty related to organic food products. For the month of April, Rooster recommends «The Mind-Body Problem» by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein and «The Kreutzer Sonata» by Leo Tolstoy, both revolving around themes of matrimonial harmony and sexual desires.

To make reading less daunting, Rooster breaks…

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